Makeover monday no 23: Animal-free products consumption in UK
A 2019 survey by Nils-Gerrit Wunsch, explores meat alternatives or dairy substitutes consumption habits in the uk. Respondents are classified in 5 diets: Meat-eaters, Flexitarians, Pescatarians, Vegetarians and Vegans. For each diet, the following chart gives the proportion of people who consume animal-free products at different frequencies: daily, weekly, etc.
This bar chart has two flaws:
The makeover
To solve the first issue, I suggest the use of an alluvial chart which is better at comparing proportions of each diet consume animal-free products at a given frequency. I added a small improvement: by merging daily and weekly consumption in "regularly" and others in "not so regularly" we can have a quicker impression of the result.
That's why diets are represented in the middle. One can follow the graph to the left for a general overview, or to the right for a more detailed one.
Regularly Not so regularly Vegan Vegetarian Pescatarian Flexitarian Meat-eater daily weekly monthly less often never
To fix the 2nd issue, I searched for the number of vegans, vegetarians etc. in the UK. The more complete study I found is this one : UK diet trends 2020. It doesn't give the percentage of Flexitarians, so I'll just assume they're meat-eaters.
Meat-eater(87.5%) Non-meat eater Vegan (2.1%) Vegetarian (6.55%) Pescatarian (4.1%)
Considering this new input, the resulting chart looks like this. It's now clear that meat-eater are unexpectedly (or not!) the main customers for meat alternatives or dairy substitutes:
Regularly Not so regularly Vegan Vegetarian Pescatarian Meat-eater daily weekly monthly less often never
Thank you for reading.